Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Whether it’s red meat, poultry, dairy or eggs, we here at The Ventura Meat Company have a profound respect for animal welfare.

We understand that different types of livestock have different needs, and that no one label can satisfy the diverse needs these animals require. That’s why we go beyond labeling, and seek out ranchers that take an honest approach to good animal stewardship. We prefer to buy locally produced goods when available, but we understand the limitations of our local ecology, and always maintain our focus of respect for the livestock above all. While the emphasis on animal stewardship and sustainability is our compass, we think you’ll find that this philosophy yields a superior product that is unmatched in the marketplace.



100% Grass-fed/Grass-finished (unless specified otherwise). Locally raised. Dry-aged for superior flavor and value. We have a great deal of reverence for our bovine friends. There simply is no reason to keep these animals confined to feed lots, and fed a diet adverse to their biology. Give them pasture, water, and grass, and let nature do the rest!

Ground Beef $8.49/lb
Bone-In Ribeye $22.00/lb
Chuck Roast $9.19/lb
NY Strip $22.00/lb
Boneless Short Ribs $10.29/lb
T-Bone $18.00/lb
Flank Steak $17.00/lb
Top Sirloin $18.00/lb
Tri-Tip $15.00/lb
Porterhouse $19.00/lb
Beef Bacon Burgers $5.00 Each



Our pork is a pasture-raised product and is free of any artificial enhancers, preservatives, feed antibiotics, chemicals, growth promotants, or added moisture. Raised by Hutterite ranchers in the northern plain states, these sustainably farmed pigs (Duroc/Yorkshire) yield a quality of pork that is, quite frankly, delightful. You won’t find better pork, period!

Ground Pork $7.79/lb
Loin Chop $10.00/lb
Porterhouse Chop $10.29/lb
Pork Tenderloin $9.79/lb
Pork Belly $9.79/lb
Baby Back Ribs $8.99/lb
Pork Shoulder $7.49/lb
Bacon $11.49/lb
Ground Bacon $11.79/lb
Smoked Ham $13.00/lb
Italian Sausages $12.00/lb
Breakfast Sausages $12.00/lb
Jalapeño Cheddar Sausages $12.00/lb
Chorizo Sausages $12.00/lb
Bratwurst $12.00/lb



Certified Organic, verified non­-GMO. Antibiotic and hormone free. All chickens have access to outdoors. Outdoor areas include ample water and shade. Mary’s has a great reputation for humane treatment of their animals, but the overall quality is unparalleled. Tastes like chicken!

Chicken Breast $10.99/lb
Chicken Leg 1/4 $6.09
Whole Chicken $5.89
Ground Turkey $8.99/lb
Smoked Turkey $14.00/lb



American Lamb! You might not know it, but American lamb isn’t what dominates the market. Australian and New Zealand Lamb are what most retailers stock. Well, those two countries breed lamb for its wool, and the meat is a by-product. Here in the US, we breed lamb for the meat, and let the wool be the by-product. Lambs are set to pasture across vast grasslands, sustaining on the natural vegetation. Ranchers typically rotate the flock so the fields replenish the natural nutrients in the soil that the lambs need to thrive.

Ground Lamb $12.50/lb
Rosemary Lamb Burger $6.50 Each


Bison & Game


Who doesn’t like to try something out of the ordinary once in a while? We sure do. Here are a few wild/exotic meats we keep in stock.

We buy our bison and game meats from Durham Ranch, which is located in Gillette, Wyoming. Durham Ranch Bison meat comes from animals that have been pasture-raised and grain-finished. The length of time the meat animals are finished depends on many factors including but not limited to age and environmental issues (like droughts). The type of energy used in the rations for finishing varies and might include potatoes, barley, wheat, corn, soy, etc. It is important to note that Bison are not finished with high ratios of grain in these rations which do include high levels of roughage or hay-like feeds.

Ground Bison $13.50/lb
Bison Bacon Burger $7.00 Each
Venison Sausage $15.00/lb

Special Order Items

We have access to a wide variety of wild and exotic meats. Minimums, prices, and lead times vary, so please call ahead. Below are a few examples of what else we have available to us.

ELK: Ground, Rib Rack/Chops

WILD BOAR: Bacon, Ribs, Bratwurst, Ground

QUAIL, PHEASANT, & DUCKS: Whole, Legs, Breasts

VENISON: Shoulder, Ground, Rib Rack/Chops, Striploin, Stew.

We can also order Kangaroo Loin, Alligator, Rabbit, and Goose!

Wholesale Pricing

We here at the Ventura Meat Company are excited to offer wholesale pricing!

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