The Shop

We are Ventura’s first full-service, sustainable, retail butcher shop.

Established in November 2011, The Ventura Meat Company has become synonymous with quality. Owner/operator Michael Buckley believes in the simple philosophy that when it comes to health and nutrition, you get out what you put in. Therefore, on top of providing quality and responsibly sourced meats, The Ventura Meat Company opts out of selling a lot of the mainstream retail commodities that other retailers have no problem selling, even though they can wreak havoc on your health (candy bars, soda, etc.). To say that The Ventura Meat Company is a health food store is an understatement. You won’t find any artificial ingredients in anything sold here, and if it can be sourced locally, it is sourced locally! So come on down and check out the shop. It is a certainty that you won’t experience anything else like it in Ventura.

The Meat Case


Each day, the meat case is stocked with the day’s offering. Unlike grocery store meat departments, the approach here is quality over quantity. There is always a wide variety of steaks, roasts, ground meats, chicken, pork, and sausages. Click here to view our regular inventory.

In Shop Production


From freshly made ground beef, to hand-made sausages, the in-store production is what really sets The Ventura Meat Company apart. By making the products in shop, and in small batches, artificial preservatives, and other unfavorable ingredients become unnecessary. You won’t find any sugar, gluten, MSG, coloring agents, or HFCS here!

Retail Items


While meat products are the emphasis, The Ventura Meat Company also offers a wide selection of retail items. From organic dairy and eggs, to locally produced BBQ sauces, coffee, raw unfiltered honey, nut butters and even gluten free crackers, we’ve got it all.

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  • The Ventura Meat Company
  • 2650 E. Main Street
  • Ventura, CA 93003

Contact Us

  • PHONE: (805) 667-9159